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Miami Gardens Healthy Checkout


Healthy Checkout addresses the lack of nutritious choices in the checkout line. Research shows that in-store marketing induces impulse buys, and we think large retailers should take on the responsibility to shift that marketing to healthier choices.


Healthy Checkout policies seek to improve nutritional quality in the checkout areas of large retail stores. This holds stores accountable for the health and wellbeing of customers. Today, it is almost impossible to avoid or ignore the overabundance of unhealthy choices in store checkout lanes. This product placement unfairly targets individuals who have no choice but to stand in line surrounded by these food and beverage choices. Especially those shopping with children.


This campaign seeks not to restrict individual choice, but rather to level the playing field between retailers/food corporations and shoppers' health. Healthy Checkout forms part of a holistic approach to improving health outcomes in Miami Gardens through targeted retail interventions.



Throughout 2021, Florida Impact conducted a series or focus groups with Miami Gardens participants to understand some of the barriers to healthy eating in the community. At the same time, Florida Impact partnered with the Center for Science in the Public Interest to explore opportunities for improving the nutritional content in store checkout lanes (the area around the cash registers, including the line area for the cash registers).

Here's what we found:

  • Price, quality, and selection are very important in choosing a grocery store, but many residents have to shop outside the City to get them.

  • There is increasing demand in Miami Gardens for high-quality health food stores.

  • Grocery stores cater to local communities, but are not reflecting changing demographics and demands.

  • Miami Gardens has an abundance of unhealthy options targeting local residents, especially in checkout lanes.

  • Checkout lane purchases are often driven by impulse, or children, and lack healthy alternatives.

  • Speed is the most important factor in choosing a checkout lane Stores, individuals, and the City all share a responsibility for improving health and nutrition in Miami Gardens.

Healthy Checkout Pie Charts.png

Here's what you can find after clicking the yellow Planning Map button above:

  • Survey responses from Miami Gardens residents

  • Health and wellbeing data and outcomes for Miami Gardens residents

  • In-store analysis of checkout lane product placement (including recent pictures from each store)

  • Identified target store locations

GIS mapping kindly powered in partnership with FHEED.

Image by Jimmy Dean


Multiple companies and areas around the world are involved with Healthy Checkout:

Image by James Yarema


Based on the research, Miami Gardens residents are eager for Healthy Checkout. Florida Impact proposed the following recommendations to improve healthy food access in Miami Gardens:


  • Pursue a citywide healthy checkout policy to improve nutrition standards in checkout lanes

  • Increase resident involvement in City planning decisions, especially those involving food retailers

  • Provide new educational opportunities for Miami Gardens residents to learn about healthy eating, and to try new, nutritious foods.

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